Biodynamic Craniosacral 

Get a package of three sessions at a reduced rate of $70 per session. This treatment is most effective when done regularly for a period of time. With this special you can truly experience 

This special lasts from June 21-September 21, 2018.

Cost: $210

Hip Balancing Add-On for free!

Buy one healing session and receive a hip balancing treatment for free. 

This special lasts from June 21-September 21, 2018.

Cost: Healing session's standard cost


2018 Astrological Mini Reading

Explore in brief what themes you will be visited by according to how your natal chart relates to the astrology of the coming calendar year. 

This special runs from June 21 through September 21, 2018.

Cost: 30 minutes for $40

Grounding and Clearing

Looking to reclaim some of your inner space after the crowded nature of life has filled you up? Together we will do a stablizing grounding practice and then explore what energy that isn't serving any longer can be cleared out of your space. These are practices you can take home and do on your own as well!

Cost: 60 minutes for $65