Having tended toward massage from childhood, I began my formal training in 2008 in Lenox, MA at Kripalu School of Massage, a branch of Kripalu’s education center that has since been discontinued. This was a unique, meditative approach to relaxation massage that I was most fortunate to learn from Arti Ross Kelso and Meg Agnew.

Several years later after practicing in and out of wellness facilities I felt called to expand my skill set to include Craniosacral Therapy and took a foundations course in Oakland, CA at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in 2013. This study absolutely altered my life and being. I was hooked! For some information about what this therapy is, please see the following link, found at the site of Margery Chessare, founder of Turtleback Craniosacral Education:  http://www.craniosacraleducation.com/articles.

Since adolescence I have pursued comprehension of astrology. Within the last decade I have studied with Stargazer Li, expanding into an interpretation of the modern Mayan calendar as well as a unique approach to Western Astrology. I have also studied with Chani Nicholas and Kelly Surtees and resourced myself through reading, noticing and experiencing the influence of the planets on us all and reading peoples’ charts over the years. I am delighted to fold this passion for how we relate to the universe into my healing practice.

My mentor in this powerful exploration into the subtle body and the natural world is Denise Arline Schwab, a practitioner out of Canyon, CA. Shamanic journeying is also offered as an option in the context of these sessions and can serve to connect with you the profound support available from the subtle worlds around us from animal and plant spirits to aspects of yourself that are often inaccessible. 

Outside of my practice I turn to music, gardening, cooking and being with my family and friends. I would be honored to accompany you on your journey through life’s twists and turns. It is my purpose to further our collective experience of well-being.